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Customer Focused GIS Integration since 1993
Energy – Land – Property - Rail
Smallworld GIS - GDAL - QGIS - Open Systems

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Our Mission Statment

What do we do?

Who are we?

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Our Mission Statement

  • Maintaining a strong Customer focus
  • Being world class in our practice of spatial information systems
  • Providing employment opportunities and training for growth
  • Being forward thinking and responsive in an international business arena

What do we do?

  • Consultancy for IT and GIS at all levels
  • Product Development and Support
  • Business Case and Specification
  • Project Management
  • Online and Technical Documentation
  • Operational Support
  • Quality Control
  • Web, internet, intranet
  • Data Capture and Conversion
  • Contract Management
  • Annual Support and Maintenance Services


What are we World Class at?

  • GE Smallworld GIS - all facets from analysis to implementation
  • Open Systems - QGIS, GDAL
  • Spatial Databases - MySQL, ORACLE, SQL Server, SpatiaLite, ESRI GDB, PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • Requirements Analysis and Specification
  • Software Engineering and Computer Science (C/C++/Java/Magik/FORTRAN)
  • Utility and Corporate Applications - Integration and Development
  • Spatial Information Systems - Geographical Information Systems
  • Conceptual Modelling
  • Project and Contract Management
  • Quality Control and Testing


PYXIS Profile

PYXIS Solutions International was formed in December 1996 in order to pursue GE Smallworld GIS opportunities. PYXIS Solutions is committed to object oriented technology for geographical and spatial applications. The company was renamed to simply PYXIS Solutions in 2002 to more accurately reflect the scope of the business. PYXIS is diversifed and now supports a number of technolgies.

PYXIS Personnel was registered in 2002 to address the requirements of customers that required personnel resources without the overhead of the full consultancy framework. Resources supplied by PYXIS Personnel work under the control of the customer.

PYXIS specialises in the implementation and customisation of GIS solutions for a broad range of Customers ranging from the largest utilities to small private industry businesses. PYXIS's involvement with a project implies success on all three fronts - budget, time and technical.

PYXIS is a developer of niche GIS Tools and Products. Our many years of industry expertise in the formulation of innovative solutions for industry is based on our unique experiences in the concept, design and development of complex GIS projects.

PYXIS is a developer of programs based on the GDAL open systems raster and vector library.

In the continually changing world of Information Technology PYXIS has remained at the fore front of the delivery and is a leader in this highly specialised area.


Where does the name Pyxis come from?

PYXIS is the constellation known as "The Compass Box", "Navigators' Compass" or "Mariners' Compass" and was originally part of Argo Navis but was split up by the Astronomical Union into Carina (The Keel), Puppis (The Poop), PYXIS and Vela (The Sail). Pyxis has both navigational and medical connotations. Surveyors use the constellation in the southern hemisphere.